Overview of publications

Curriculum vitae


2004-2008 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University (Iran).
2009-2012 Master of Science in Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Guilan (Iran)
2012 Master thesis: “Hierarchical Semi-Active Fuzzy Control of a Non-Linear Base-Isolated Structure Using Multi-Objective GA in a Benchmark Frame”.
2016-2018 Master of Science in Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Bauhaus-University Weimar.
2018 Master thesis: “Real-Time Wireless Structural Control Using Semi-Active Tuned Liquid Column Dampers”.


Since 2012

Civil engineer with professional qualifications of Supervision, Execution and Design, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development, Guilan Construction Engineering Organization (Iran).

2012- 2016

Lecturer for undergraduate students in University of Science and Culture and in several Institutes of Higher Education (Iran).

Since 2019 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. S. Klinkel, RWTH Aachen University