Offered Master theses

Titel Betreuer
Simulation and Modelling of Volumetric Growth on Bone-like Hard Tissues Florian Spahn
Topology optimization using Voronoi meshes Bjorn Sauren
Development and implementation of Voronoi meshes on 2D and 3D manifolds Bjorn Sauren
Berücksichtigung von Zwangsbedingungen zwischen Freiheitsgraden im Rahmen der FEM Simon Klarmann
Numerische Untersuchung eines Osteosyntheseverfahren für eine Symphysenruptur im Becken Max Praster
Local Mesh Refinement Approach Using Graph Neural Networks Niklas Lenzen
Development of a Benchmark Structure and Identification of its Nonlinear Dynamic Properties Niklas Lenzen
Simulation of frictionless contacts in elastic rod assemblies Choi Myung-Jin
Alleviation of locking in nonlinear beams with unconstrained directors

Choi Myung-Jin

Innovative approaches for improvement of behaviour of masonry infilled RC frames under seismic loading Aleksa Milijas
Effects of slab deflection on arching effect of partition walls Bogdan Šakić
Improvement of out-of-plane behaviour of partition walls during earthquakes using recycled rubber material Bogdan Šakić
Implementation of a dynamic formulation for an SBIGA shell Mathias Reichle

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Further topics from the current research projects of the Chair are possible. If you are interested please contact one of the scientific assistants.