In the early years of engineering studies at the Royal Rhenish-Wesphalian Polytechnican School of Aachen, that is known as RWTH Aachen today, the calculation of structural responses to different loadings (“structural analysis”) was taught within the subject of “Higher Structural Design” (Höhere Bauconstructionen”) and, later, as part of “Statics of Civil Constructions and Reinforced Concrete” (Statik der Baukonstruktionen und Eisenbetonbau”). In 1971, the Chair of “Reinforced Concrete including statics of Reinforced Concrete” was split up into the “Institute of Structural Concrete” and the “Chair of Structural Analysis”. The latter was renamed into today’s “Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics” in 1997.

The chronographic data on the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics was gathered in collaboration with the archive of RWTH Aachen University including the historic lecture time tables.The kind support of the archive’s team is greatly acknowledged.


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