Seismic Protection Measures


Structural seismic protection measures can – depending on their mode of operation – either reduce the seismic loading or increase the bearing capacity of the structure. At the LBB, the efficiency of different seismic protection measures is investigated numerically, and innovative protection systems are developed. In case of masonry structures, fibre laminates have proven to enhance the ductility and the tensile strength of shear walls and can be easily applied to existing buildings. Seismic loading of liquid-filled tanks can be reduced by installing base isolation devices whose efficiency has been investigated at the LBB considering the fluid-structure interaction effects in liquid storage tanks. In order to reduce vibrations of tall beam-like structures, semi-active liquid column dampers have been developed and numerically investigated comprehensively at the LBB. In investigating seismic protection measures close cooperation is pursued with the research team “Structural dynamics”.