Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

  Building cross section

In many cases, the structural response of dynamically excited buildings is influenced significantly by the flexibility of the soil. Wind energy plants, bridges and tank farms are only few examples, where soil-structure-interaction problems are relevant for design. This is why the topics soil-structure-interaction (SSI) and structure-soil-structure-interaction (SSSI) have become an important field of research at the LBB. In this context, a Chinese-German joint project addressed the implementation and investigation of a semi-analytic procedure in order to determine SSI- and SSSI-effects in inhomogeneous soils using a refined substructure technique in the frequency domain (GZ556-ME725/11-1, duration: 10/2010 – 09/2013; cooperating partner: Institute for Earthquake Engineering der Dalian University of Technology). Another current research project deals with the determination of key parameters of the SSI-problem for onshore wind energy plants.