Structural dynamics

  High rise FE model Copyright: © LBB

Contact: O. Altay

Architectural trends and economic challenges demand slender structures, which are prone to vibrations and cannot be realized using conventional construction methods. Therefore the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics researches for new structural control methods and develops also by an interdisciplinary cooperation with other institutes intelligent damper systems .

The research works of the chair focus especially on wind energy turbines, as these structures are dynamically excited by wind, waves and earthquake. In order to improve the structural stability and extend the service life the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics develops new measures for the vibration mitigation of wind energy turbines.

In structural dynamics the chair focuses furthermore on the acquisition and evaluation of structural dynamic loads including ground vibrations and on the permanent measurement and system identification of structures using structural monitoring.

The research topics of structural dynamics are divided as follows:

Structural Control

Wind Energy Turbines

System identification

Structural Monitoring