Why Research at RWTH Aachen University?

Illuminated RWTH buildings at dusk

RWTH Aachen offers excellent conditions for conducting research in open, interdisciplinary teams to find innovative answers to the global challenges of our time. Photo: Martin Braun

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RWTH Welcomes You

Several people with blue lanyards talking while walking

Internationality and a wide range of competences, experiences, and cultural backgrounds provide a fertile ground for research on the complex issues of our time. Photo: Martin Braun

Interdisciplinary Research Partnerships

Blood Pump Projections in the "Cave"

RWTH Aachen is one of Europe's leading research institutions. Our Excellence Clusters, coordinated DFG programs, profile areas and JARA sections are all shining examples of the convergence of disciplines. Photo: Peter Winandy

Early Career Researchers

Researchers working with a laser

The RWTH Center for Young Academics is the umbrella organization for all activities supporting early career researchers – from their doctoral studies to the postdoc phase to professorial qualification. Photo: Peter Winandy


Research Prizes

Champagne glasses on a table

Research prizes are awarded to scholars in recognition of their various achievements and are important not only to the honored individuals themselves but also to RWTH Aachen as a whole in terms of reputation and visibility. See our overview for more information. Photo: Stefan Hense

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Exploratory Research Space

Several people in a conversation

The Exploratory Research Space, ERS for short, promotes interdisciplinary research projects and provides a platform for scientists to join forces and develop highly innovative, challenging research ideas that involve a higher risk than conventional ventures. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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External Funding Portal

A desk calendar showing the entry "proposal for external funding"

The External Funding Portal, DIS for short, provides you with detailed information, the correct contact persons, and valuable support services for your external funding activities. Photo: Martin Braun

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Research Data Management

Work in the clean room

Research data management offers advantages to researchers and their disciplines. The workflows, methods, and processes ensure both the quality and that the research data can be used long term. They additionally reduce problems and difficulties in the overall project. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Research Funding

People in a conference room

Assistance with the acquisition and management of external funds – from the initial idea right to the management of large scale projects.

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Inventions, Patents, and Business Start-Ups

Consultants at Work

RWTH offers advisory services on the innovation process to all researchers at the University, with special emphasis on the protection of intellectual property.

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Qualification and Career Advising

Man giving a presentation

A comprehensive offering of qualification measures for your career management. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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A group of people jointly holding a thin, long rod

Networking and interdisciplinary exchange are highly valued at RWTH Aachen. The University offers its scientists many different opportunities to meet, share their work with one another, and network. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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