Seismic testing of adjacent interacting masonry structures-shake table test and blind prediction competion

Tomić, Igor (Corresponding author); Penna, Andrea (Corresponding author); DeJong, Matthew (Corresponding author); Butenweg, Christoph (Corresponding author); Correia, António Araújo (Corresponding author); Candeias, Paulo Xavier (Corresponding author); Senaldi, Ilaria (Corresponding author); Guerrini, Gabriele (Corresponding author); Malomo, Daniele (Corresponding author); Wilding, Bastian (Corresponding author); Pettinga, Didier (Corresponding author); Nikos, Galanakis (Corresponding author); Stuart, Oliver (Corresponding author); Parisse, Francesco (Corresponding author); Marques, Rui (Corresponding author); Cattari, Serena (Corresponding author); Lourenço, Paulo B. (Corresponding author); Galvez, Francisco (Corresponding author); Dizhur, Dmytro (Corresponding author); Ingham, Jason (Corresponding author); Ramaglia, Giancarlo (Corresponding author); Lignola, Gian Piero (Corresponding author); Prota, Andrea (Corresponding author); AlShawa, Omar (Corresponding author); Liberatore, Domenico (Corresponding author); Sorrentino, Luigi (Corresponding author); Gagliardo, Raffaele (Corresponding author); Godio, Michele (Corresponding author); Portioli, Francesco (Corresponding author); Landolfo, Raffaele (Corresponding author); Solarino, Fabio (Corresponding author); Bianchini, Nicoletta (Corresponding author); Ciocci, Maria Pia (Corresponding author); Romanazzi, Antonio (Corresponding author); Aşıkoğlu, Abide (Corresponding author); D’Anna, Jennifer (Corresponding author); Ramirez, Rafael (Corresponding author); Romis, Federico (Corresponding author); Marinković, Marko (Corresponding author); Đorđević, Filip (Corresponding author); Beyer, Katrin (Corresponding author)

Editura Conspress (2022)
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings

In: Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology - 3ECEES : September 4 - September 9 2022, Bucharest, Romania / editors: Cristian Arion, Alexandra Scupin, Alexandru Ţigănescu
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 3224-3232


  • Chair and Institute of Structural Analysis and Dynamics [311810]