Shell formulation for Isogeometric Analysis

  FE meshes

Contact: S. Klinkel

The basic idea of IGA is to employ the same B-Spline functions to describe the geometry and the displacements in context of the finite element method. Therefore the same B-Spline functions are employed, which are used in CAD tools to establish the structure. Accordingly one avoids any geometry error. The CAD model of the designer could be directly used for the finite element analysis. With respect to IGA the following research topics are addressed by the chair of structural analysis:

  • Isogeometric Reissner-Mindlin shell analysis
  • Connection of NURBS surface patches
  • Isogeometric collocation methods

The figure shows a NURBS surface patch with the control points (left hand side) and the corresponding patch in parameter space (right hand side). The orange colored part denotes a single element in the patch.